Men's Victory D Wetsuit

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Men's Victory D Wetsuit:

The Zone3 Victory D suit has been designed with the long distance swimmer in mind. For those racing half or full distance Ironman races or long distance swims – comfort, body position and speed through the water is vitally important. This suit is the choice of pro triathletes such as Tyler Butterfield who is a double Olympian and finished 7th at Kona in 2013.

 We’ve made sure that the Victory D wetsuit uses the most advanced fabrics and design so that it offers the swimmer the maximum performance and comfort. We are confident that it will give you the fastest, smoothest and most comfortable swim possible. Everybody who buys a suit is also invited to a UK based open water training event with top coaches and elite athletes which hopefully can help to improve your speed and technique further.

The Victory D wetsuit features:

1. Latest fabric technologies including Yamamoto SCS 40 which is one of the most advanced neoprene fabrics in terms of flexibility and weight.

2. These are combined with Aerodome panels which have air bubbles built between the fabric layers producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.

3. Heavily researched panel design and material thickness to ensure ultimate flexibility from head to toe. The shoulders, arms, back and side panels use a 1.5mm or 2mm thickness to insure unparallel flexibility around the upper body.

4. A 5mm central chest panel help acts as a roll-bar and helps to increase the distance of each stroke whilst also ensuring warmth in colder waters. The suit is carefully balanced in buoyancy ensuring there is maximum support around the core and upper legs.

5. Using 5mm thickness Aerodome around the hips helps to ensure that this is one of the highest positioned in the water which helps to promote streamline swimming and also prevent any lower back ache over long distances.

6. Low cut and comfortable neck line and vertical chest panels to cater for a wider range of different rib-cage sizes and for necessary lung expansion.

7. Titanium lined inner jersey fabric to improve thermal properties and maintain blood circulation in the legs.

8. Silicone coated Pro-SpeedTM Cuffs in metallic gold for rapid removal.

9. Upwards breakaway zip design for even quicker transitions and protection from having your zip pulled down during a race.

This is a one of a kind suit which is the result of seven years of passion for open water swimming and wetsuit technology. We know what it takes to compete in long distance races and know how much mental strength is needed.

Taking part in endurance events is about personal victory and feeling that sense of achievement when you cross the line. We hope this wetsuit can help bring that sense of pride and Victory regardless of how long it takes to complete. Here is a video which hopefully will give some inspiration:

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Victory D Triathlon wetsuit front & back

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