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From its humble beginnings at Loughborough University, Zone3 has grown to become the number one British triathlon brand and is now sold in fifteen countries around the world. Zone3 was started by an elite triathlete who had just graduated and was looking for a way to produce higher performance products for himself and training partners in the hope that the sales could help pay for some of the international race costs.


However, the range was so well received by athletes and industry experts around the world that soon the brand start to grow at a real pace and demand kept exceeding supply. In 2010 the first retail ranges were produced and now Zone3 has hundreds of retailers selling the products each year.  Despite this success, Zone3 has always kept to its core principle of making sure that every product is the absolute best it can be. We don't just import and sell, we research, develop and design every minor detail to make the best possible product. We do not only rely on lab testing and sports technology but more importantly we also listen to every single customer and get first hand feedback from the countless number of open water or tri club demo sessions which we hold.  We truly believe that this is the secret of our success.


Every person who buys Zone3 tells us and their friends how much they love the product. This has resulted in snowball effect on sales and shows just how powerful word of mouth can be. It gives us great pleasure to present the 2014 range so please feel free to have a browse through the site, read the reviews and most of all keep up the hard work!


Zone3 Vanquish Triathlon Wetsuit Drawing

Where has Zone3 come from?


Zone3 was started at Loughborough University in 2007 by Elite Triathlete James Lock to help support his triathlon career.  A swim specialist, James has been Amateur World Aquathlon and Biathlete Champion and continued to lead the swim section of a number of high profile elite races for many years.  This in-depth knowledge of the sport, combined with years of research at Loughborough, has enabled the development of some of the highest performance products available on the market.  There have been so many athletes involved with the development of the brand, that we have total confidence in every single product.


We knew we were on the right track when, in our first year, the Vanquish wetsuit got a 9/10 review in 220 Triathlon magazine. Subsequently, in 2010 the Aspire wetsuit got a 10/10 review; the only wetsuit to ever receive full marks!  Since then, we've continued to keep to the key principles which make Zone3 products so good, but each year have added new cutting-edge features and graphics to further improve the styles, whilst still keeping an affordable price tag.


Zone3 is a company which has grown organically. Although we have enjoyed back-to-back sell out years nothing has happened too quickly, which we believe to be the best way for success.  However, since 2010 our cult following started to turn more main stream and we have since formed partnerships with high profile retailers to start distributing the brand across the UK and Europe.  We could not be happier with how well the brand has progressed and now, similarly as when training to be a triathlete, we're starting to get the results after years of hard work and attention to detail. 



The 2014 Season!


We are extremely excited about the 2014 season.  We’re very passionate about triathlon and open water swimming and just can’t wait until the season gets into full swing!


We had our best year ever in 2013 which was given a massive boost by the Olympics being held in London in 2012.  Watching the best athletes in the world has inspired us further to keep on aiming to make the best products possible and we hope that the Games will also inspire many new athletes to give the sport a try.


After four years of rapid growth in the UK, Zone3 is now going global.  We’re even more confident in our product range than ever before so feel its the perfect time to allow customers from all around the World to benefit from our unique design and product features.


In 2014 we are re-launching our Vanquish wetsuit which we are very excited about! We also have some of the best Ironman athletes in the World, such as Tyler Butterfield, racing in our Victory D wetsuit which was a huge success in 2013. In line with our three year sponsorship of the London and Blenheim Triathlons we have further developed our Entry Level collection which also includes our Activate Tri suits which RRP at £59.00 and our Advance wetsuit which won the BEST BUY award out of 14 brands tested in 220 magazine last year.  On top of this we’ve taken every piece of customer feedback from 2013 and made those small little tweaks here and there to improve the range further.


With an incredibly successful few seasons under our belt we are planning to keep on developing great products, maintaining great prices and keeping the customer service as efficient as possible.  We would like to pay tribute to all triathletes and swimmers for the sacrifices they make to maintain their training and especially for their confidence in brand Zone3 – thanks for your support and for spreading the word and let’s make 2014 a really great year!


What is Zone3?


The name Zone3 came about for a number of different reasons.   We wanted to indicate that our brand incorporated all three sports within Triathlon.   We wanted to show the focus an athlete possesses when they are 'in the zone'.  Most significantly of all we created our brand name because Zone3 is a terminology used by a wide range of top-level coaches as can be seen below:


  • Zone3 is a threshold speed or racing pace where you are going at your fastest speed according to the distance you are travelling
  • Zone3 therefore applies to every race you do.
  • Zones 1 and 2 are predominately your training paces, but it is in Zone3 when you are in racing mode.  In Zone3 you are powerful, controlled, focused and striving to complete a new challenge; whether this be completing the distance with no stopping, making a new Personal Best or beating a fellow competitor.


This is how we have developed Zone3 garments; they have been designed to give the best race results possible by helping to improve your speed and comfort.   Click on any of the following buttons for a physiological example of your three Zones: